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Helmsman Laptop Lockers

Whether in a place of business or at a school, it can feel risky carrying an expensive laptop around. If you want something that’s  safe and secure, we have a range of specially designed laptop lockers ideal for any professional environment.

A more versatile locker

Our school and work lockers from Helmsman are heavy duty and built solid so you get peace of mind when storing your valuables. To make them more secure, they feature a cam lock which is one of the simplest of lock fastenings, yet one of the most robust. You’ll struggle to find a more secure storage locker for your device on the market.

If a potential thief tries to pry the door open with a crowbar, it is more likely to bend the frame of the locker than open the door. You can feel safe knowing your laptop and other items will be locked away from prying hands.

Not only are our Helmsman laptop lockers more secure, they also come with a charging outlet, so if the battery on your device runs low, you can charge it while it’s locked up.

laptop lockers for charging and security

laptop charging lockers
coin operated notebook charging locker

More about Helmsman

As a leading manufacturer in lockers, Helmsman build a range of products suitable for all sorts of environments. They have been in operation for around 250 years and we are proud to be able to offer their secure storage lockers to our customers.

Whether you want that extra bit of safety for your laptop at work, school, college or any other establishment, our secure storage lockers are built to ensure you can leave you items inside without any worry. 


Safe Secure Locking Options



Coin return


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Safe Secure Laptop Lockers for when Security Matters




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